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Outsourced Lead Generation

Outsourced Lead Generation

Flexible, Outsourced Case Generation for Solicitors and Claims Management Firms.

It is tough enough running your law firm successfully and consistently, ensuring proper case and staff management. It becomes doubly tougher when you also have to consistently worry about how the cases would come in.

Our job is to act as your trusted outsourced marketing partner, understand your niche, generate cases and automate your processes through our customized software, systems and technology.

Who Can Benefit?

Completed Projects

Work We've Done In Legal Marketing

Website for housing disrepair claims

Our Approach

Our forte is to understand your business and your niche, discover the combination of strategy, platform and technology needed to generate more business for you.

Tools we work with

01 Strategic Website Design For Solicitors

Strategic website design is essential for you as a solicitor. Improving conversion should be your key focus.

02 Search Engine Optimisation

A well-executed SEO plan can place your firm in the ideal position to generate more business.

03 Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

We focus on taking advantage of your quality work and available social media channels to generate good business for you.

04 CRM, Case Management & Automation

You need a proper system and process in place to ensure effective case-management and efficiency. 

What do we offer?

The Power of Google Ads is unparalleled.

Massive Reach

Access to billions of active users, enabling you to target specific demographics and interests.


High engagement rates due to visually appealing ad formats and interactive features.

Precise Targeting

Advanced targeting options based on demographics, behaviours, interests, and custom audiences.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns

Get returns for your investments in PPC campaigns.

Why Choose Revv Consulting for Google Ads and PPC campaign management?

We dive deep for data-driven ad campaigns, crafting captivating creatives, testing messaging, and optimizing performance to maximize your ROI and align with your business goals.

Revv Consulting’s Ads Account Management delivers

Legal Marketing FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers
Our Legal Firms Accelerator offers web and mobile app development, SEO, brand building, 
and comprehensive support for legal firms. It helps to position legal and claims firms to attract 
bigger cases, generate new leads, and provide cost-effective legal services.
Our process involves an initial consultation, where the team assesses the client’s needs and 
goals. Based on this assessment, a customized plan is developed to address the client’s specific requirements.
As with every service, it takes time to see results depending on factors such as the 
competition and the scope of the work required. Generally, expect to see improvements in 
your online presence within a few months.
The cost of the Legal Firms Accelerator service varies depending on the client’s specific needs and the scope of the work required. It is recommended to contact Revv Consulting directly for a customized quote.
Has Revv Consulting provided services for a law firm or a claims management firm?
Yes! Our team of experts behind the Legal Firms Accelerator have expertise in web and 
mobile app development, SEO, google ads and marketing. They have a proven track record of 
helping law firms improve their online presence and grow their client base. 
Can I get a customised quote?
Yes you can. Simply book a consultation and we will provide you a customised quote that 
addresses your business’s needs. 
Is there more Revv Consulting can offer in this package for my law firm?
Yes! With a customised quote, Revv can develop a content management system just for you, 
offer social media management, market and competitor analysis and much more. The Legal 
firms accelerator package is just what you need. 
My firm already has a website. Is it possible Revv can analyse it and make needed changes?

Definitely! We can assess and recommend changes to your firm’s website. With our web design service, we can implement these changes, add sleek features and create a user friendly
experience for all.

My firm is fairly new and we’re trying to work around giving it proper branding. Can you help?
We can help! We can create a unique logo design that speaks for your business, letter heads 
and designs for print and digital use. 
Do I get a discount if I pay for more than two (2) services?
Yes! With a customised quote, you can get a discount if you pay for more than two (2) of our services.
Yes you can! Visit our gallery/projects to see what we’ve done. 
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on figuring out our clients’ needs and unifying their brand 
image. Big or starters, we can help! 

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